Hong Kong stock exchange also profit decline, this year 
Blue chip stocks in the third quarter results show the main ups and downs
CFR northeast Asia dollars/tons of 1028.5

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Stock index calculation, often the stock index and 
 Blue chip stocks in the 
Stock index - calculation
Ethylene closing price 
According to * * countries, local media reported on Tuesday is expected to announce tax increases, the consumption tax from the current 17.5% May be raised to 20%. Analysts estimated that if the consumption tax increase to 20%, can increase every year about 12 billion * * pound tax. * * governments may also raise capital gains tax, to sell off assets such as the second real estate people further tax. It also said to tax to the bank.
Will announce emergency budget significantly reduced spending freeze relief fund
Global 1 * *. * * day ethylene closing price rise and drop differ 
Asian CFR northeast Asia dollars/tons of 1028.5 3 1030.5-2
CFR southeast Asia dollars/tons of 988.5-1-990.5-1
European FD north-western Europe euros/ton 881.5 887.5 25 
Stock index - calculation 

Hong Kong stock exchange (1 XXX. 3, 1. Xx0, 1.02%,) the same profit decline, this year ago * * month IPO last year fell amount is $67 billion, almost half of the same period last year only. The official explanation says the global economy is not clear that many enterprises listed on the delay, the average daily clinch a deal amount in the first half fell slightly compared to appear. The company hope to accelerate development offshore business to hedge IPO loss caused by erosion. 

Stock index calculation, often the stock index and share price average calculated separately. According to the definition, a stock index namely share price average. But to the stock market from both the actual effect is concerned, the average share price is reflected a variety of stock price change of general level, usually by arithmetic mean said. People through the different times of the average share price comparison, can meet a variety of stock price change level.